YOU. Yes, YOU. The beautiful or handsome soul reading this. YOU are enough.

This reminder has been on my heart a lot this past week, I don’t know exactly why, but I feel that it has to be on my heart for a reason.

I have this verse tattooed on my ribs:

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way”

Song of Songs 4:7

I’ve been looking at it a lot lately. Something about this constant reminder that I am beautiful, no matter what I’ve gone through, what I do, what I love, my losses + my triumphs – I am still beautiful through it all. I got this tattoo as a permanent reminder to truly believe that I am beautiful through it all – and it has been the belief I strive for daily now.

This is what I’ve been wanting to share: YOU are enough. Don’t let anyone or any situation (past + present) tell YOU who YOU are and what YOUR value is.

YOU have so much value, love, power, and beauty; inside + out.

I’m going to be honest + vulnerable here because I know that without it, this world can be a cold + lonely place.

I thought that I was different and alone after Jessie earned her wings. No one knew what to say or what to do – when all you want is someone to be there in any capacity they can. I felt that people would look at me differently, in a weird way, because I was the girl who lost her sister to cancer.

I know that people looked at me differently, but I was looking at it all wrong in the beginning. I realized my junior and senior year of high school that everything I went through added to my beauty and my worth. I am special + unique + different. My values, wants, dreams, and passions evolved quickly after I lost Jess. I love that I know what I want and who I am now because of Jessie and all she’s taught me.

Yes, I am a little different and I’ve been through very unique situations, but that doesn’t come anywhere close to making me less than someone else.

If you haven’t read back through some of the blog posts earlier this month (you can read them here and here) or haven’t really noticed, but I’ve recently been through heartbreak. It wasn’t anything I ever expected to happen – especially the way it did. All over again though, I was (and still am at times) questioning my worth.

Am I enough? What’s wrong with me? What did I do? What can I do? Where do I need to change?

The thing is, there isn’t anything wrong with me. I haven’t lost any worth or value because of it – even though it feels that way. I have stayed true to myself through it all, and I’m proud of that.

My worth + value can’t be defined by others or what I’ve gone through.

Neither can YOURS.

DON’T EVER let anyone make YOU feel less than, invaluable, not enough. DON’T EVER let something you’ve gone through or are going through define YOU as less.

Take the situations + embrace them if you can. We are all incredibly important + unique. Nobody out there is like YOU or will ever be like YOU. I think that’s pretty amazing. Love the person YOU are – stop giving others and this world power over what YOU think of yourself.

I know that this isn’t easy. But there is power in acknowledging who YOU are and loving that person. Everyday I try and look in the mirror to work on seeing myself the way God sees me – beautiful in every way.

I hope you join me with this! Know how valued YOU are and put a smile on your face today!! I challenge you, as I am challenging myself, to try switching my thoughts from comparison and doubt, to a quiet confidence in who I am made to be and that I am enough.

YOU are made for incredible things and YOU are going to do more than YOU can ever imagine. See your value + the power you have to chase after everything you want. Don’t be afraid to dream big and follow your heart. You’ll get there and you’ll surprise yourself with all that you can do!!