Happy Monday everyone!  I am so ready to take on this week – probably because it’s jam-packed as I try and get as much as possible done for school before I leave on a girls trip this weekend to Nashville with my momma and aunt!!  Now that I am starting to blog regularly and really focus on this, I want to make sure you all feel like you know me a little more personally! Here are just a few fun pieces about me and who I am!

  • Faith first.  If you haven’t already learned through my other posts, my faith is a HUGE part of who I am and what I feel makes me special.  I would not be where I am today without my faith and I am so happy and grateful that I was raised by the most faith centered parents.  My faith has been tested like no other and it has not always been easy.  Sometimes my faith is stronger than others, but it has always been a rock and my foundation.
  • My name is a family name!  It’s Norwegian and from my momma’s side of the family.  I love how unique my name is and the meaning behind it!!  Even though it is probably mispronounced daily and my coffee order will never be spelled correctly, I think it is something so special and I can’t imagine it any other way!
  • I love, love, loveeeeeeee travel.  I am a total planner too! I get just as much joy out of researching and planning out the trip for all the fun and unique places to try, as I do when we are there experiencing it!!  I’ve been planning and getting excited about our Nashville trip this weekend for over a month now!
  • Almond milk lattes are my obsession; especially if they are from Neat Coffee in Costa Mesa and are created with the most delicious Rawmond Almond Milk!
  • I go to baking when I am stressed or overwhelmed.  Jessie and I would always bake together and it is still something I find relaxing and enjoyable.  There is something about taking my mind off of whatever is making me stressed, relaxing, and then getting to try something super yummy!  A funny thing too is that I never really eat the baked treats after the day they are made – there is just no way to beat freshly baked goodies!
  • I love wedding photography and videography; especially when you get to hear or read about the couples story.  If you can’t tell by this point, I’m girly and so weddings make me so happy and get me thinking about, hoping, and praying for that prince charming to come into my life!
  • I own over 100 pairs of shoes.  Yes this does include all types (heels, wedges, booties, boots, flats, fun sneakers, and sandals).  Shoes are by far my favorite accessory!
  • I love to try new foods.  I will try anything once, and if I don’t like it then I won’t have it again!  (This applies to me trying new recipes too)
  • I recently have found an adoration for reading books, not books that are fictional stories, books that get me thinking + inspired.  The ones that make you want to work on who you are and learn to be more curious about what makes you, you and the world around you!
  • Quality time with others leaves me feeling refreshed.  I find so much joy learning about what makes other people unique and special, their dreams and their passions.  I think we all have such important and meaningful stories to tell and I know that I always feel so valued after someone has shown interest in those aspects of me so I hope to be that for others!
  • I am an introvert – completely.  I hate big crowds if I don’t know anyone, I am so anxious and nervous on the first day of school, speaking in front of others intimidates me, I don’t like attention, and I feel so awkward when I am left in a group without someone I can chat with.  I am getting better, or learning to get better.  I’ve learned just over the past year that when I believe in something and have passions for something, I am not intimidated or as scared to speak on it.  I have gained a ton more confidence in my design classes speaking on my ideas!
  • I love sparkly things.  Be it a beautiful marble surface, shiny Tiffany jewelry, or the way the water sparkles as the sun sets – I think there is something so eye catching and mesmerizing about how things sparkle!

I hope you all feel like you know me a little better now!  I will continue to share more about who I am and what I am constantly learning about the world around me through this blog.  Have an incredible week!