Aloha everyone!!!  Hahaha if you cannot tell, I still wish I was in Hawaii (who wouldn’t?!?)!!!  After 10 incredible days, it’s definitely hard getting back into the swing of normal day-to-day life!

Our trip really was what dreams are made of.  I have so many unforgettable memories now I don’t even know where to start with sharing!  I decided to make a little recap video with some of the GoPro footage I took while we were there and then share some photos off the camera!  I’ve never made a video before so I’m sorry in advance that it’s not Hollywood-Blockbuster status but I’m honestly pretty proud of myself for trying!!

I’ll let all the breathtaking photos do the talking but I will say one thing:  Thank you Hawaii for always being a special place, a place that my family will go and be a family.  Where millions of laughs and giggles take center-stage and we adventure all day long.  A tropical paradise shared with those whom I love most and who have and carry my heart!  You are one of a kind Hawaii!

^The beautiful St. Regis Princeville beach!
^Pali Ke Kua Beach (also known as Hideaway’s Beach)!

^I went golfing with the boys one day!  The course was BEYOND beautiful with some incredible views…I mean look at that!!!

^Our first Wednesday in Kauai we went to the Kauai Dinner Show at the St. Regis Princeville.  It was really fun, a super fancy buffet, and talented Hawaiian show.  It was a lot like a luau and since Alex hadn’t been to Hawaii before we wanted him to experience it!

^Pineapple and strawberry shave ice with a snow cap from Kauai’s Best Shave Ice in the Princeville Center.

^We looovvveeed spending our days at Hanalei Bay.  The beach was never very crowded and the water was always warm.  Some days there were fun waves to ride boogie boards in on!

^The Kauai Waffle from Hanalei Coffee Roasters…It was the yummiest waffle ever and I’m really missing it!  Light and airy with banana, papaya, whipped cream, mac nuts, and then I added some coconut syrup and regular maple syrup!  Seriously the bomb.

^This was the pool from the neighborhood our house was in!

^Sunday Champagne Brunch at the St. Regis Princeville!  It was fun to get dressed nicely with the gang 🙂
^These cinnamon rolls were recommended to us by a good family friend…they’re the Mac Nut Cinnamon Rolls from the Wakeup Cafe in Hanalei!  So yummy warmed with the butter on top all melted.  Definitely worth the morning drive into Hanalei because this cute neighborhood joint was only open from 7-11 am!!!

^The Hanalei Farmers Market on Saturday morning.  So fun to walk and see all the local goods…I bought the cutest purse, delicious smelling coconut soap, a handmade kauai “love knot” ring, and a Tahitian pearl cuff all made by locals!

^We went “Mud-Bugging” with Kauai ATV one afternoon and it was honestly my favorite part.  So different than anything I’ve ever done before.  I was laughing and giggling the whole time as Alex drove and made sure I was always being hit or splashed with mud!

^This scenic look-out point was beautiful!  I’m pretty sure it looked out over a plantation.

DSC_2830 DSC_2834^We went deep sea fishing with Captain Don’s Sport-fishing and Captain Don was the best!!!  Talked with us the whole time and joked with us and helped us all have the best experience ever!  And we walked away with two filleted yellowfin tuna!

^After deep sea fishing we went to the Marriott resort in Lihue to hang out with our friends.  Before the drive back up to the north shore we grabbed shave ice from Kalapaki Shave Ice!  Mine was Pina Colada flavored and had a scoop of ice cream inside…there was a little more flavoring than I like but the top of it with the ice scream was great!

^This was the Kilauea Lighthouse!  It was cool to see and had incredible views of the north shore because it jets out so much further off the coast.
^We went to the Hanalei Pier one night after grabbing some ice cream at Pink’s Creamery (HIGHLY recommend) and I loved the way it looked surrounded by all the clouds and the island.

^Anini Beach!

^Secret Beach in Kauapea.  This beach was our all-time favorite I think!  It was so empty, so blue, so clear, and so worth the 10-ish minute hike down to it!

^We spent our last day at Hanalei…having sandwiches, boogie-boarding, tanning, football, and of course burying JT!!!

I can’t wait to go back to this beautiful island!