Happy Valentine’s Day!

I think I’ve come to love Valentine’s Day. I’ve always thought of it as a fun girly holiday where sweets, pink, cards, and flowers abound. My momma has always done a little something fun for my siblings and I too! Like little baskets with candy, a card, stickers, and a stuffed animal. It makes it so lighthearted and fun!

Growing up though I never really had a boyfriend to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. I didn’t date or have a serious boyfriend up until a couple years ago so all through elementary, middle, and high school, Valentine’s was a day to celebrate the people I loved in my life: friends and family.

Now this Valentine’s Day it’s different again. I no longer have a serious boyfriend and so I think this Valentine’s is making me think all about love in another way again. It is leading me back to the basics and telling me to simplify what love is.

I completely believe in love and am starting to think I’m an advocate for it in a way. Love is powerful. Love is joyous. Love is painful. Love is wonderful. Love brings everything and everyone together at the core.

I will never regret loving with all my heart and I always want to continue to love with my whole heart. God gave us these hearts to love and he put so many people in our lives to share that love with.  Yes I’ve now loved and lost, like most of us have, but because of that I see how important and valuable love is.

Love teaches us so much about ourselves. I learned more about myself in the past three years loving someone than ever before. And I’m now learning even more since that love is no longer there. I saw how I loved and I feel that I loved well. I’m an extremely loyal person and will jump in with my whole heart. I don’t think that’s bad either! I am learning to love and embrace that about myself.

I’m seeing the love that’s around me in beautiful ways. God has blessed me with the most incredible friendships – ones that have grown and blossomed even more since we all are at different schools now. He’s bringing girls and guys into my life to show me the vulnerable beauty that loving holds.

He’s shown me through Jessie how important it is to love with your whole heart and never hold back. Jump – because it’s going to be good.

I always want those who are around me to feel and know the love I have for them, a love that shows how much they mean to me. So many of these people have changed my life.

So for this Valentine’s Day, I decided to put together some little gifts and send them to the girls who have impacted me and always stood by my side to share a little of the girly lighthearted joy this pink and red day brings, and also to remind them that they are so special.

My favorite book by Brené Brown talks about love and the vulnerability it takes to love another. She says something I love: “The brokenhearted are the bravest among us, they dared to love”.

I want to leave you with this. Jump. Dare. Dive in. Lean into the vulnerability that truly loving takes. Give your whole heart and don’t look back. Tell those you love, that you love them. Tell them everyday. Those moments are the ones you’ll remember forever and I promise you won’t regret it. I want you to find and feel the joy and freedom loving with all you have brings. Yes, it can be painful, but I’m learning that the pain is worth it all.