hello my angel,

I’m off to Boston today! I am seriously so excited!!! I’ve never been to this city before and I am so excited to explore as well as see the impact you are making on families and others on the East Coast!

Cory, momma, and I are getting to go out for a very special event. You know Kelyn Rowe our incredible NEGU All-Star who does Kelyn’s NEGU Crew?!?! Well he added a weekend for a local boy who is fighting the same cancer you did. I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to attend one of Kelyn’s NEGU Crew games, and getting to love on a family going through exactly what we did makes it even more special.

I can’t wait to share all we get to do next week when we get back! I’m hoping I’ve packed right because it’s supposed to be cold & rainy one day, chilly another, and then warm & sunny on day 3!

Boston will be such a perfect close out to an amazing September. Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month has brought out some of the best moments and experiences.

Just this past Monday, we held our 7th annual Golf Tournament. SEVENTH. Jessie that’s crazy!!! I can’t believe how far your story has brought us. I love seeing pictures from our very first one, with you putting and driving the golf carts. Your smile was huge on your fragile little body. I miss that smile sweet girl! You made an insane impact Monday night though. We had a record number of golfers this year, selling out both the courses!! And at the dinner program, your story and your JoyJars helped us raise over $150,000!! That number is a Golf Tournament high! I have chills thinking about all the families and kids we get to bless now.

At the tournament, I had the privilege of handing out Chick-fil-a breakfast to all our golfers. Seeing the joy they had to be there was so encouraging! It’s also so fun to see golfers who come back year after year, as well as courageous families who come and participate as well!

Super Cade was at our golf tournament, but my favorite moment this month had to be speaking with him at SMCHS’s homecoming pep rally. I’m still in awe we had this opportunity.

It’s been three years since I started my senior year at SM and I never imagined I would get to share your story with the whole school. SM is so special to me because of the family I was able to have around me when you earned your angel wings freshman year. SM helped shape me into the who I am today and I never thought the whole school would ever know your story, or pieces of mine.

Standing up in front of 1,700+ students and faculty was insane: scary and so exciting. I got to connect with students, they saw your video, and then Super Cade stole the show with his story!! Everyone was so quiet while we spoke. They were very respectful and knew how big of a deal this is.

When Cade and I walked off the court, the whole school gave us a standing ovation. I couldn’t stop the tears from welling up for the second time. I was frustrated right after our talk when I sat down in my seat because I had started crying while I spoke after they showed your video. I never know how the video will get to me, and hearing your voice brings it all rushing back: the missing, the inspiration you are, and the gift you have been and always will be.

I felt like I failed because I started crying in the middle of it and nobody wants that! And I also always feel like I’m the ugliest crier too! hahaha. BUT, I realize I didn’t fail. My tears made it real. Sometimes I feel like it’s expected for me to be 100% good now, almost 6 years later. I still miss you, every single day. Those tears show it, and knowing that, I wouldn’t change the emotion I showed. Sure, it made me self conscious because I never want people, especially THAT MANY people to see me cry, but this is life and if I’m sharing about you, the impact you’ve made will come out.

This was the biggest audience I’ve ever had while speaking and I’m so happy with how it went. I love sharing your story and I’m starting to love these public speaking moments. They really push me, and even though the introvert inside wants to run away and hide from this platform, I’m seeing how God uses us in ways we never knew were possible. I can’t wait to see the opportunity I’ll have next to share the blessing you are!!

I also am so proud of my sweet best friend Kylie. It is always so inspiring to see someone chase after their dreams – no matter what might be going against them. Yesterday she launched her website and I cannot wait to see how her heart for God and others spreads like wildfire. I am so lucky to have amazing forms of inspiration and encouragement around me.

I love you Jessie, forever & always beautiful girl!

from here to heaven,

your proud big sister