hello darlings!!

My dad encouraged me after my January 5th blog post to do a monthly “sister talk” blog post!  I loved the idea and thought it would be a fun way to share with you all pieces of my life that I would share with Jessie!  If you haven’t already seen or don’t already follow, my dad does a “Jessie Journal” every Thursday and I always love seeing what he writes about because it contains a lot of raw emotion that is important to share.  I hope to give you a little glimpse into my life and how I get to share it with my angel.  This will be the first of many and I hope you all enjoy!! xoxoxoxo

miss Jessica joy,

Can you believe I’m going to be twenty in just twelve short days?!?! That’s so crazy Jess! Where the heck did time go??

I still vividly remember my first birthday without you here. I was turning fifteen and mom and dad let me take some friends to Disneyland, one of your favorite places!! We stayed in in a suite at the Anaheim Marriott, got embroidered Mickey ears with our names on them, and went to both parks! I remember it being fun. It’s weird to say that because you were no longer with us, but it felt like you were there. We were at your favorite place and I think I was still so numb at what just happened a month prior that it didn’t feel real.

Mom and dad have always let us have the best birthdays ever. For my 16th birthday they went with (driving behind the limo) my friends and I for an LA day. We got our hair done in West Hollywood at this awesome salon called 901, walked around Melrose, saw the Hollywood walk of fame, and ate at Eva Longoria’s restaurant. Of course we had to end the night with our favorite: Sprinkles ice cream cupcake sundaes. Remember when you, daddy, and I went up to visit Eva on the set of Desperate Housewives?! It was so cool to see the different sets. That memory might have been a reason why I picked to eat at Eva’s restaurant! It brought you with us in a way 🙂

Instead of doing a big party, I just wanted a nice family dinner when I turned 17. We went to South of Nicks in San Clemente (it was our first time there and we love it now!). Dinner was amazing and we were all put in this private back room, totally making the night much more special! After countless rounds of chips, guac, and salsa, I made everyone drive up to Newport Beach so we could get Sprinkles Cupcakes sundaes as dessert! I had my mind set on it and even after having the birthday dessert at South of Nicks, I still had to have our cupcakes.

For 18, momma, Kimmy and I were in Louisiana and spent the morning in New Orleans. We ate the best beignets right in the French Quarter and listened to live music outside because Mardis Gras was going on! I know how much you loved the beignets at Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney, and let me tell ya – the real ones in NOLA blow those out of the water!!!

Also when I turned 18, momma and daddy let me throw a birthday brunch with 18 of my best friends on Nana and Papa’s patio. Everyone came over for quiche and parfaits, coffee and pastries. And our dessert, of course, had to include Sprinkles cupcakes, Sprinkles ice cream, and espresso formed into affogatos! An affogato is normally ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over it and we added cupcakes as a fun additional touch because your love of cupcakes still lives in me sweet girl! I love coffee now Jess, I wonder if you’d be sharing that love with me too!

Last years birthday was a super relaxing girl’s day with momma. We went down to the Surf and Sand resort in Laguna Beach for the day. We had brunch overlooking the ocean and then went to the spa for facials and pedicures!! It’s always so fun to be pampered for the day! For dinner, everyone met us at the Salt Creek Grille so we could be together and celebrate.

For this year – I’m so excited for what we get to do! You know Jason Khalipa the cross fit superstar whose daughter Ava is fighting cancer? He’s become a big supporter of all you started. You remember when we were blessed to give away $1,000 a day leading up to Christmas?! It was all because of the money he and his family raised!

They live in San Jose and are putting on a fun event called Ava’s Kitchen. We get to go up to San Jose, dress up, go to Levi Stadium where the 49ers play and have appetizers, a 4-course meal, and dessert all prepared by four incredible chefs!! One is Michael Mina and another is Ayesha Curry! Each chef will prepare a course and then there is an auction and other fundraising opportunities for your foundation! We get to go up and make a weekend of it 🙂 Kimmy is joining us too! For Sunday, my birthday, we are driving into San Francisco, having brunch at the Ritz, shopping throughout the city, and then having a nice dinner at Michael Mina’s restaurant Michael Mina. I can’t wait to go!! It’ll be so fun going and representing you!

I’ve got just one last thing to share with you Jess before I say goodbye for now. My best friend Kylie started a website to share with everyone her passion for calligraphy and encouraging others. She’s calling it Prints By Kylie and she has even created a special NEGU print for you!! Kylie loves you and everything you started. Kylie’s been the biggest blessing in my life since high school. She’s constantly showing me God’s love and encouraging me to follow the plans He’s laid out in front of me, even when I don’t understand what is happening. In high school she would come help Kristy in the Joy Factory every Thursday with Annie (another friend of mine). For each print she sells she donates 10% back to us and I feel so honored that she would think of doing that!  I’m so proud to be your sister and see the impact you’ve made in my friends lives.

I love you more than anything Jess!


your big sis