Hi my angel!

OMG I can’t even believe it is September tomorrow. Where did August go?! It makes me want fall already but at the same time, I want to soak up every last drop of summertime weather & the easy way of summertime living.

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been on summer break very long either! And now we are already into looking at fall schedules, trips, and work. This past week was the only true “break” I got from school and it has been really, really nice to slow down and just be. I kicked off this break by staying with the sweetest friend every, attending the Yellow Conference together. Yellow is a conference and gathering of women who want to use their passions and talents to do good and make a difference in the world around them!

I am so blessed to be able to attend the conference twice now, and I can’t believe how much I’ve grown during the year in between the two. Last year’s conference I went all alone, knowing no one and I stepped away with new friends and an overflow of encouragement + newfound knowledge. I still remember how scary that first moment walking into a conference of hundreds of women was. I definitely would say I’m an introvert and those moments pushed me further than I probably wanted to be, but they were so worth it.

This year, going with one of my best friends, was incredible. I loved seeing girls from last year and sharing with Carlie all the Yellow Magic. I’m still processing everything I learned and took away!

After Yellow, I’ve had the honor of helping do a three-day room makeover for an amazing & courageous little girl. Lennar Homes has partnered with us for two room makeovers now and it is so fun to be apart of the process! Watching their team coordinate and design the room is magical and makes me so excited to see what I could be doing after college. I love revealing the room once it is finished, and seeing the reactions of our courageous kids and their family. There is a moment of pure joy and magic, watching them walk into something completely theirs, made completely for them. It takes me back to when you had your room redone and the impact the new space had on you! Your bedroom became your safe haven and a place to rest. I believe seeing those moments are what helped me see interior design as something I could pursue!

As I savor the lasting moments of this summer break, it makes me all of my best friends so much Jess! And it makes me miss having you around here to send off to your new college too. I love being home, following my dreams from here, but I do miss community and having my people around me. I thank God and especially you, for showing me how important relationships are in every season of life! You have to be so very intentional to continue fostering and building up relationships and friendships! I love it, but it can also be super hard. As fall comes, I’m really trying to focus on being even more intentional, instead of letting things slip because of the distractions like school, work, and chores that life piles up. Each friendship brings so much to our lives, and I love stepping back to see it – practicing that attitude of gratitude that comes with fall as well 🙂

I love you Jess! I’m excited to start September tomorrow, which will also be Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. Because of you, we get to really dive into celebrating all our courageous kids, their families, and you too! Daddy, Momma, and the whole team have been working hard on some exciting launches and events. I can’t wait to see how big of an impact we can make for you during September!

I’m sending all my love to heaven sweet girl!

forever and always,

your proud big sister