Hello loves!

Lemme tell you, life is completely unpredictable. So much so that things can literally change in a split second.  All of a sudden everything that you had security in is being pulled out from underneath you; you’re blindsided.

I’ve been through some crazy ups and downs since last spring when I was trying to get back into doing this legitly.  Amazing, incredibly joyous memories and events, paired with hard, messy, confusing, stressful, and life-altering ones.  One thing has remained through it all, the family who I lean on + my faith in the Lord + the real friends who are willing to stand by you through it all.

I have realized more than ever the power of companionship, of having confidence in who YOU are, finding JOY in yourself + your passions + your dreams, and the power of prayer.  My family’s life was completely turned upside down when Jessie earned her Angel wings, and it feels that just about five years later mine is again in a very different way.  I wish nothing more than to have my best friend  back by my side!

So here I am, starting this journey with for the third time.  I come to you in a season of growth and learning and I hope you join me as I write about and share all that life offers: the beauty + the pain!  I am SOOOO happy to be back here with you.  I am ready to challenge myself and push myself with this blog.  I want to get to know you all and I hope you can get to know me too!  I hope this place is one you can relate to and find encouragement from!!

My goal for myself these next six months is to really focus on the JOYS + personally strengthen my faith more.  JOY is a complete and total gift, one I am constantly searching for and working to find – that inexhaustible natural JOY we all have for the world around us.  I am learning to give myself grace, and to share that grace with others.  I am feeling refreshed right now – because I am doing the things I find joy and happiness in!

I pray that I can be an open and honest example of someone trying to follow God’s plan for them, no matter how confusing and incredible and mind-blowing amazing it is!

I can’t wait to see what this blog can bring about and do in these next six months as I try to write more often for you all!!

Have an incredible Thursday loves!  Have confidence in YOU today and smile for me!

X + O


P.S. Make sure you come back to see tomorrow’s blog post!