Hi all!!  OKAY sooooo, this restaurant was so fun and I just have to do a separate post on it!  There were so many details that made me think of Jessie and too many to probably share in my blog post here for days one and two in NYC!

To start, Kimmy and I were walking around in freezing cold wind feeling lost right in front of it but had no idea that it was inside the Trump Tower right at Columbus Circle!  There aren’t any signs outside that Nougatine and Jean-Georges are inside but once we asked the kind security guard, they pointed us in the right direction!

Walking in, Nougatine is more contemporary and modern with a neutral and grey color scheme.  I loved the pops of pink flowers in bud vases on the tables to bring it all together!  Nougatine is the more casual sister of Jean-Georges.  I peeked inside the formal Jean-Georges restaurant and wow, it looked sooo nice and fancy.

They have a terrace outside that is apart of Nougatine as well and for the winter it looks like they have these little lit up trees!

We waited in the bar area before we were seated and I always like looking through the cocktail and wine lists and feeling fancy even I can’t and don’t drink yet!  I always ask a bunch of questions because I’m so curious and both my aunt and uncle bar tended!!  I loved that Nougatine had a section of fun non-alcoholic drinks and the one I got was SO FREAKING GOOD.  They called it their Orchard Cooler I think and it was green apple, pear, lemon, and sparking water!  I don’t drink soda or any other drinks really so it was fun to get something other than water!

When we sat at our table, I immediately noticed and was obsessed with this little flake sea salt bowl.  It was sooooooooooooo tiny.  It even had a little tiny spoon to sprinkle the salt on your food!  Jessie would have been all over this.  She loved little things and miniature things!  She always thought it was so fun at hotels getting the mini ketchup or the mini jams.  I took like a thousand photos of this little salt dish and all the waitresses probably thought I was so weird but I just couldn’t get over the fact that they had this little tiny bowl of salt!  I had never been to a restaurant before who did it!

They brought out to us fresh baked bread and an amuse bouche.  You know its a nice and fancy restaurant when they have an amuse bouche for you to indulge in before the meal starts!

For appetizers, Kimmy and I tried their Tasmanian sea trout, black pepper crab cake, and the fried calamari.  We loved all three for various different reasons.  The sea trout was sushi grade fish on top of crispy rice with a chipotle aioli.  I had never heard of this crispy rice thing before but this wasn’t the only restaurant we went to in New York City that served it!  This completely changed the whole game of sushi for me forever.  The crispy rice added so much texture and took the sushi to a whole another level than I’d ever had before.

The crab cake was delicious lump crap and an apple, pear, and endive slaw with a sauce!  The crab cake was all crab and very little breading or filler which I love.  When you ate it with the tangy and sweet slaw and the sorta spicy sauce then it all came together perfectly!

Their calamari came with a basil salt and this foam chili lime sauce!!  The sauce was seriously so foamed I wasn’t sure what to do about it!  When they first brought it out I thought they made a mistake and gave us way to much sauce but because it was so airy, it started fizzling down when you would dip the calamari in!

For the main course, I ordered their bacon wrapped pork chop and Kimmy got the red snapper.  My pork chop came with cauliflower and a homemade apple sauce!  It was so moist on the inside and I loved how they did the bacon.  Sometimes bacon wrapped things don’t work out very well and the bacon is soggy or falls off.  This stayed on the pork the whole time and was crispy and chewy!  The apple sauce was perfect; slightly sweet and slightly tart!  I loved the cauliflower it was on top of as well.

Kimmy’s snapper was delicious too!  We shared everything we ate this whole trip because when you get to go to new restaurants, you want to try so many things!  Hers came with a yummy roasted brussels sprouts and cucumber side and had this incredible habanero lime sauce.  Kimmy and I both like heat and the habanero sauce was perfectly spicy!  Not too bad at all but carried so much of the smoky flavor.

When the dessert menu comes, it all looks divine.  We can’t decide on just one item so we pick the brown butter carrot cake and their caramel apple pie.  Both of these came with homemade sorbets; the carrot cake came with a coconut and the apple pie came with a green apple!  I’ve never had a sorbet that good.  The green apple one was the favorite out of the two because it was so tangy!  These two were quickly finished with cups of coffee before we had to get the energy up to walk to our musical!!  I am still thinking of this restaurant and highly recommend it for anyone in NYC anytime soon!!  I am going back the next time I’m in town and I can’t wait to try their brunch because it looks so good!!