Hi all!!!

I hope everyone has had a successful and wonderful first half of April!

This past week has been crazy busy getting back into the swing of work and school and unpacking from our most recent Louisiana trip and then at the same time packing for my next trip!!  I wanted to share with you all how amazing it went being with family and celebrating Jess!

I was able to fly out to Baton Rouge on Monday the 4th because I am done with in-class classes and then my family was able to join us out in Baton Rouge on the 6th!  When they arrived Alex and I met them at this incredible sushi place called Tsunami…I mean it was on a rooftop overlooking the Mississippi River and we were there at sunset and the food was unbelievably fresh and delicious.  Like for real the perfect combination.

The next day, Thursday, my aunt Kimmy flew into town and we were able to hang with her before going to the first game of the Vanderbilt and LSU baseball series!  It was a super fun game because LSU kicked booty ;). It was also really cool because we were able to have a courageous little girl Adeline come out for the weekend!  She met Alex after that first game and she loved him!  It was sooo cute, her and her family’s goals for the weekend were to meet Alex and see Mike the Tiger.  Alex was really sweet with her too and after he signed a baseball for her she would not let go of it for anyone!!!

On Friday we embarked on our NOLA journey to celebrate Jess.  Alex and I started the morning off by bringing the whole family Kolaches (you can read about Kolaches in this past blog post!).  My Nana and Papa and Kimmy all loved them!  They were the only ones who had not experienced the Kolache magic!

Alex sadly couldn’t join us that morning/afternoon in New Orleans because he had classes and had to prepare for his amazing outing pitching for the win against Vandy!!

When we got to New Orleans, we stopped outside the French Quarter in a neighborhood to eat at Toups Meatery.  This is a restaurant my momma and I found out about through watching the most recent season of Top Chef!  Jessie used to love watching it with thw two of us and we decided to get back into watching it and Issac Toups, head chef of Toups Meatery, was on the show and made it to the final four!  We loved him on the show and felt that we would have to try his restaurant since we would be in town!  First off, their corn bread was TO DIE FOR.  I like to think of myself as a cornbread connoisseur sometimes and theirs was one of the best I’ve ever had.  I hadn’t been able to eat grains or corn for the past thirty days from Whole30 and so it was nice to eat a crispy on the outside, warm and fresh on the inside slice of cornbread!!  For lunch I got their pork lettuce wraps as a fresh and light meal before the sweet parade I knew we would be embarking on in the French Quarter!!

Once we made it to the French Quarter, I knew we would have to go to Cafe Beignet, my all time favorite beignet place right on Royal street.  It was one I heard about from two Louisiana based bloggers I follow and one that my momma, aunt, and I went to last year for my eighteenth birthday.  Their cafe is open to the street and tiny but cozy.  The beignets are so fluffy and airy on the inside and have a good outer shell on the outside; not hard but not soft and mushy!  We stuffed ourselves full of beignets and then walked around the corner to paradise…the Salon by Sucre.

This place would have been Jessie’s ultimate sweet shop.  Incredibly cute, girly, fun, and fancy.  They do afternoon teas and lunch and dinner which I want to try soooooo badly.  We just walked inside to their shop portion and were greeted by a display of french macarons, decadent gourmet chocolates, homemade gelato, and a coffee bar.  My mom and I packed a travel box full of 12 macarons and then another box of 8 different chocolates which we saved for later.  My Nana got two scoops of gelato, a pecan one and a coffee one; they were soooo refreshing.  That may seem to be a strange way to describe gelato, but theirs was really refreshing and super flavorful.  The combination of the two worked perfectly as well.  I love coffee in Louisiana because they have chicory in it and it just adds this extra umph to it!  It’s the best.

After the French Quarter, we drove back to BR and met uncle T who had just flown in from all over the world hahaha.  He was in Australia and then Colorado and then Louisiana within 3 days.  Crazy.  We all relaxed and then walked over to watch Alex pitch!  The game was another great one and super exciting having the whole family there to cheer on Al.  We finished the night off at Walk Ons, a sports bar right by the stadium, and were able to get Nana and Papa to try some more southern delicacies!!

I can’t wait for my next adventure travelling!