I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about friends and how friends change throughout high school.  I walked into SMCHS knowing about three good friends.  Not even exaggerating, my friend Sydney and I ate lunch together all alone for months and then we found a group of really solid girls!  I was so blessed by those girls and I am soo happy that we all stayed friends throughout high school.  They are the girls I hope to be friends with through college and after!!  They made my high school experience wonderful and I am so thankful that they welcomed me into their circle in the grotto during lunch!!

Now that it’s the September after our senior year, the goodbye’s have taken place and everyone is starting their new and magical journey’s!  I love being able to check in with all of them via text, see how their classes and sororities are going, and watching as they continuously add new photos to their Facebook albums!!  Because they’re all off starting their new adventures, it has made me think a lot about one special moment where I had them all by my side…about 6 months ago, I had an 18th birthday party and it was so much fun to have all my girls surrounding me celebrating, enjoying each other’s company, and pigging out on delicious food!

My idea for the party was to be girly and fun.  I love brunch and the ocean so a brunch on my grandparent’s patio was going to be the perfect way to enjoy the time together!  I made pretty much all the food (why not?!? hahahah) and loved thinking of little touches to make the day special for everyone.  I asked Chantel Hansen if she would take photos of the day to capture it all and I was beyond ecstatic when she said “YES!”!!!  Chantel is another blessing to my life, she is such a light of God’s love and the perfect example of how to love God and thank him for everything!

Here are some of the beautiful photos of that day, along with the girls who have made the biggest impacts on my life…Enjoy!



All my love to: Abigael, Kiera, Peggy, Katie, Taylor, Alexis, Annie, Kylie, Carol, Jordan, Sydney, Ally, Natalie, Carrington, Cassidy, Jenny, Carrie, (and Carlie)!!  I’m cheering you on and praying for you in these new adventures!