*photograph from Green Wedding Shoes*

hi everyone!!  Today’s post is a little intimidating to me if I’m being completely honest with you all!  It’s always a little scary posting your ideas for the first time, especially within the areas of design since that’s what I’m pursuing!  I’ve already shared thing’s I’ve created with events but this feels different!  currently, I’m working on redesigning both my brother’s and my rooms.  For myself, since I stayed home for college my parents are letting me update my room a little as something fun for me to do on the side an so I can update it to what I want now instead of what I wanted before high school!  JT’s room needs to turn into the big boy high school room he deserves and I am going to be sharing the process of both our rooms through different posts!

Today I’m sharing the ideas and vision I’m going for with my room.  Some items I’ve already purchased and I’m waiting to start putting them together, and with others they are just rough ideas for what I think I want to do!  There are so many amazing ideas out there within the design field and you can really do anything you want.  I’ve decided to stick with my basic large furniture pieces to save money and then I am going to update the rest with a new color scheme, new linens, window coverings, paint, wall accents, and accessories!

If I were to try and describe my room to you currently, it would be kinda boho-chic.  I have so many bright colors all over my room and I really do love it!  For the current stage of life I’m in now though, I want to refine it and make it little more elegant.  Instead of a hanging wicker-type chair, I want a fun velvet accent chair and instead of quilted poufs at the bottom of my bed I want something more tailored like x-benches!

as a vocabulary, I want something more airy, light, feminine, elegant, refined, romantic and soft

I’m finding inspiration in flowers (like above in the main photo), jewels, lush textures, sparkly marble, rich hues, blush and rose tones.  For me and the look I’m going towards, anthropologie is holding the dream for most of these areas and their products are very nice while not going crazy for high end designer items.  Since I’m on a budget (which is definitely good for preparing me to work with clients) I’m getting my really nice investment pieces from them and I’m trying to find special but budget friendly items for the rest.

I adore pieces that have been made by others and meeting those people or hearing the story behind them.  For certain areas of my room – like artwork, I still have yet to find pieces that I connect with and my dream would be to get pieces from someone I can either meet or who I know!  I think that finding those special touches can make a home so much more special and meaningful to you!  We all have those unique pieces we are drawn to and that we want near to us because of an emotional connection or memory.  I hope that one day I use or find those pieces with future clients and create the perfect atmosphere and space around them!

I’ll eventually show what my room looks like right now – probably at the very end so I can do a full before and after type shot, but for right now I wanted to share my idea board with you!  This shows the look and feel I am going to go for with products and then I’ve linked some items that are close to what’s currently in my room!

white bed: pb teen | mirrored furniture: pier 1 | white bedding: anthropologie | faux fur pillow: anthrpologie | grey pillow: anthropologie (same family, different color) | floral pillow: anthropologie | throw: anthropologie (similar) | curtain: anthropologie | paints: magnolia | artwork: minted | chair: anthropologie | bench: one kings lane (similar idea)

some items that are similar to what I currently have:

white bed (same as above) | mirored furniture (same as above) | bedding: anthropologie | hanging chair: pier 1 (mine is a little different design) | pouf: pier 1 | pillows: pier 1, pier 1 | curtains: pb teen

JT’s room is still in the very basic workings and once I get a vision board together for his I’ll be sharing what we plan to do!