WOW.  Really that’s like the one word that comes to mind when I think about how life has been since graduating high school.  It has been completely crazy and non-stop but I have had so much fun.

I am already traveling like crazy and exploring more of the world around me…loving each minute, cherishing every memory, and holding on to the ones I’m with.  The life we are given is beautiful and so why not soak up every last bit of the quick-paced days God has given us?!?

My most recent adventure was one you would find in a dream.  I travelled to New York City with my boyfriend to hang out with his aunts and uncles and explore the city together and then he came back to California with me!!  (I think one day I’ll do a full post about him and our relationship because our story is pretty unique 🙂 !!)  Before this most recent trip I had been to NYC one other time and it was with family, the first summer after Jessie earned her angel wings.  We stayed in Times Square and did the typical tourist things; Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, visit to Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, 9/11 memorial, carriage through Central Park, Natural History Museum, Momma Mia and Cirque du Soleil on Broadway…It was great and I will always love that trip, but this one was different!!  Kind of a local’s trip to NYC!  Here are some highlights of my life lately – through pictures and captions!


We stayed with one of his incredible aunts in her apartment on 5th avenue with a view of the Empire State Building, got great NYC pizza, and hung out on the roof!






We also did some crazy things like a helicopter tour and speedboat ride!!


Dinner date at TAO Downtown…talk about the most incredible asian food I’ve ever experienced.



Alex and I took the train to Long Island to meet his uncle, aunt, and two little cousins!! They took us deep sea fishing off Long Island Sound and my first line in I caught a fish! #WHOOO  One large enough for us to keep and eat (Alex didn’t even do that and he’s the fisherman!).


His family took us to the Hampton’s one day, a perfect eastern beach town!  It was better than I pictured it in my head; such beautiful buildings with touches of white paint and red brick, all nestled among the vast sandy beaches!! We also grabbed the best Raspberry Cream Pie from Briermere Farms which was straight from Jesus’s oven in heaven because it was so tasty!


Everyone travelled back to the city and we did the 9/11 museum and dinner at Mastro’s.  That restaurant deserves a post all on its own #speechless.


When Alex and I came back to California we took morning walks with Moe (Jessie’s puppy).  That hour each morning with them was something so special that I loved!

Take in everything today has to give you!!

with love,