Nashville Day 3: Bellevue, Downtown, East Nashville

Here we are: THE FINALE.  I’ve finally got the round up of our third and final day in Nashville from our girls trip!!  It’s so fun to still think back over our days spent together and all the fun things we got to do :)!

Day three started nice and early again because we had about a thirty minute drive outside of Nashville to get to Bellevue.  Bellevue is home to the Loveless Cafe which is the cutest cafe that has been created on the site of an old motel.  They’ve added gift shops, a general store, an event space, and the cafe all in the buildings that are on the site!

We got to Loveless at about 8:30 am and it was already getting packed!  We didn’t have to wait tooooo long before we got seated and could take a look at their large menu.  Again, we each decided to get something different so we could all try a little something fun!  Our waitress told us that their BBQ is pretty famous and so is their country ham and of course biscuits.  She also recommended their chicken and waffle!  We decided to get their Southern Sampler which had some country ham, bacon, sausage, and eggs so that we could try all their different meats and then also got their Chicken and Waffle and the Pit Cooked Pork Barbeque with Two Eggs.  Each meal came with two little biscuits that were very, very quickly devoured before our actual food came!  Our favorite out of the three was their barbeque pork.  It was INCREDIBLE.  The country ham was really good as well but the pork totally overshadowed the other two choices.  The serving was jumbo too.  We all could have just split that plate of yummy pork and had enough to eat!

Once we were thoroughly stuffed, we went back to the hotel to change and get ready for some East Nashville explorations.  We had been recommended a few places to try by the sweet girls at The Perfect Pair we went to on day 2 and I had a few shops I had found as well.  East Nashville is a super large area and it is much more residential and very different from any of the other neighborhoods we had been in before.  The stores we went to were all in different locations and there wasn’t one main strip or area with all the shops.  Driving through East Nashville we went through historic neighborhoods that were super cool and filled with beautiful houses!

My one favorite area of East Nashville was a section full of little shops in small units.  There was a Frothy Monkey Bakery that had yummy coffee and great cookies and then this adorable bookstore called Her Bookshop!

Once we were through with East Nashville, we had to head back into Downtown for bowling at Pinewood Social!  I was so happy that we were able to get a reservation on Day 2 and was looking forward to this allll day.  We got to bowl for as long as possible and you kept track of scores on an iPad!  The bowling balls were a cute Tiffany Blue and so was the end of the lanes (Tiffany Blue is a super special color to me because of fun memories with Jessie!).  We got coffee and drinks and snacks while we bowled for over an hour!  There weren’t any bumpers so I had a whole lotta gutter balls while my mom and aunt had like 4 strikes a piece!!  My competitive side started coming out towards the end and I definitely had all the luck going against me as I tried and tried for a strike!

Once we finished up bowling, we headed to an early dinner at The Little Octopus, which was back in East Nashville.  The lighting was very poor so I didn’t get any good photos of the food to share but it was another tapas restaurant!  The food was different – had a South American/Latin flare to it all which was different than we expected!  Compared to the tapas the night before at Salt + Vine, it didn’t necessarily live up to the incredible food we had.  It is also kinda an unfair comparison because they were so different from atmosphere, to ingredients, to our energy levels, and to the flavors we got to taste!  I loves some of their items and wasn’t as much a fan of others.  Our favorites were their Mixto Ceviche, Farro, Artic Char, and Pan Roasted Chicken!!

By the end of this day, we were all exhausted and needed some rest before our bright and early 6 am flights home!  Nashville completely outdid any expectations I had and I can’t wait to find a reason to head back!  I’m speechless and at the same time could go on for hours about each place we got to experience.

Thank you Nashville for endless laughs, countless new memories, and abundant joy!