For the first time since Jessie earned her Angel wings, I actually really listened to the song Move by MercyMe in the car. With recent heartbreak causing new waves of grieving and the pain of missing Jessie coming back up, this song couldn’t have been more perfect to hear.

The lyrics go something like this…

“I’m not about to give up

Because I heard you say

There’s gonna be brighter days

There’s gonna be brighter days//

I won’t stop, I’ll keep my head up

No, I’m not here to stay

There’s gonna be brighter days

There’s gonna be brighter days//

I just might bend but I won’t break

As long as I can see your face//

When life won’t play along

And right keeps going wrong

And I can’t seem to find my way

I know where I am found

So I won’t let it drag me down

Oh, I’ll keep dancing anyway//

I’m gonna move (move)

I’m gonna move (move)

I’m gonna move//

I’ve got to hold it steady

Keep my head in the game

Everything is about to change

Everything is about to change//

This hurt is getting heavy

But I’m not about to cave

Everything’s about to change

There’s gonna be brighter days//

I just might bend but won’t break

As long as I can see your face”

I know why Jessie adored this song so much now. With all she was going through, she kept being joyful and focused on the positives in life. She knew that God had a plan and that He was in control. She understood and trusted that when things were going wrong, as long as she kept her sight on Him, everything would be ok.

Now with everything I’m going through, I’m learning from Jessie again, and learning from her favorite song! When everything seems to be going wrong and my world seems to have fallen apart underneath me, I won’t break because I’m strong in Him. I have to put my trust in God because even though it’s hard to see now, He is in control and He always has a plan. There will be brighter days. Through the good and the bad – I’m going to keep on moving anyway.

As hard as this trusting can be, and how quickly it can turn into doubts and worries, I am making an effort to keep on going.  I want to see His plans for me, ones I know are more incredible than I could ever imagine.  I am going to keep putting my faith and my hopes in the fact that God created life from death, and that there is beauty in the ashes.

I pray that this is encouragement to anyone who hears it.  No matter what you are going through, keep your head up and put your faith in the incredible God who is after your heart.  I am right there with you, learning to mourn and dance – loving and stepping into the beauty of those counterparts!!

Go out and take on today, smile for me, and know how special and important YOU are!