Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa Mesa, CA is by far the most incredible doughnut shop ever (yes thats my opinion but I have YET to meet someone who doesn’t looovvveee them).  So in honor of my all-time favorite doughnut shop I decided to do a “How To” post because if you want to experience Sidecar right I feel like you need to go all out like my family does.

Prepare yourself:  Come hungry, come happy (not completely necessary though because they WILL brighten your mood), and come prepared to invest in a taste sensation.

Step 1:  Arrive at Sidecar, 270 E. 17th St., #18; Costa Mesa, CA.  I recommend morning doughnuts because that’s when I adore them but I have yet to try them at night!!  DO NOT change your mind or be scared off if there is a long line.  There will probably be a line but it doesn’t take long to move and they’ll normally serve you samples in line, which is just so incredibly nice of them 🙂 !!

Step 2:  If you haven’t already done your research on what the monthly flavors are, check the chalk sign to start thinking about the glorious doughnuts that await you inside!!  They also do this cool thing where they partner with a local charity and have a doughnut that when bought will raise money for the charity; #sidecares !!  I think it would be amazing to have them partner with us for a month 🙂 , I know Jess would have loved these doughnuts just as much as I do!!

Step 3:  Take your steps inside their cute little establishment.  Walking inside, you’ll experience the  most joyful environment!  Their decor is very simple, with a little throw-back vintage flair.  All the girls behind the counter will wear brown t-shirts and cream apron skirts normally, while carrying the brightest smiles.

Step 4:  You get to decide on your doughnuts; #finally!!  The technique my family uses when going to sidecar is the “Try Each of the Monthly Flavors + Some of the Classics” technique.  Basically you walk away with like 10 doughnuts because, why not?!?!?  For example, because I just happened to be at Sidecar yesterday to do taste testing in honor of this post, my mom and I got each of the monthly flavors plus some extras.  The July flavors are: Coconut, Peach + Amaretti, Rocky Road, Banana Pudding, and Blackberries + Rose Geranium!  We had to have one of each and then also added an Apple Fritter and three Buttermilk Drops!!!

  • Expert Tip:  When ordering so many doughnuts, say the names with conviction so you feel like you know what you’re doing and this way they think you’re a professional doughnut eater.  It always helps me feel better about ordering so many doughnuts!

Step 5:  COFFEE.  Good doughnuts call for good coffee and the angels at Sidecar have got you covered!!!  They’ve got the classic drip, icy cold brew, a cold brew that has nitrogen infused, lattes, mochas, Vietnamese iced coffee, cappuccinos, and Americanos!  They’re all very good options so I would just go with what you love because the coffee should add another element to your doughnut adventure!

Step 6:  ATTN: Before starting this step you need to make sure you have grabbed multiple napkins and plastic forks before finding a table to dig in!!!  The tables right next to the entrance are super cute but normally always busy so my family and I will go across the parking lot to the other tables.  When you sit down you should decide as a group which doughnut you ALL want to try first.  This is the most important part to the way my family does Sidecar, you end up having tried little slivers of each doughnut!  Depending on the amount of people we are with, the doughnuts will be cut into quarters or eighths.  You each take a piece, enjoy the flavors, make your judgements, and then move on to the next one!!  Repeating until you have tried each flavor and then the left over slivers can be eaten by anyone who particularly loved it or wants more!


I do strongly believe that this is the most fun and enjoyable way to enjoy sidecar and I never end up feeling gross and full afterwards!  Have a great week everyone!!!