NASHVILLE: 12 south, franklin, + the gulch

HI HI HI HIIIII everyone!!! So stoked about this post.  Nashville was an incredible trip for me – filled to the brim with quality time with two of the best women in my life (my momma and aunt), fantastic eats, and the cutest shops.  It was something my soul needed, a refreshing trip that reset my love for the world around me and the joy I find in people, places, and myself.

I am planning on doing for sure two, possibly three posts on this weekend trip!  Today is going to be allll about Friday, our first day!!

Let me start it off my saying that I pretty much planned which neighborhoods we would explore, where we would eat, and what we would see each day because I wanted to pack full our days!

Friday started bright and early so we could get to Biscuit Love by 8 am!  I had heard about the unbelievably long lines that can form and I wanted to have as much time as possible for the rest of the day!  Breakfast in and of itself could have it’s own post!  The hostess recommended that we start with Bonuts, then have the East Nasty (voted best sandwich by Bon Apetit), the Southern Benny (their take on an eggs benedict), the Bill Neal (shrimp + grits), and Chronic Bacon (sugar + chili flakes).

The Bonuts (fried biscuit dough with lemon mascarpone and blueberry compote) were out of this world yummy.  They were the best treat to start off the weekend!!  Sweet with a crunch and the blueberry and lemon evened it out perfectly!  We loved every single thing on the menu.  Their biscuits were soooo fluffy and light and their sausage gravy blew us away.  So much flavor and much more sausage than gravy.

After breakfast, we went to 12 South.  12 South stole our hearts and we all agree it was probably the best neighborhood with shops and treats!  We got their before shops opened so we grabbed coffee at the Frothy Monkey before walking around!  I tried their Golden Monkey, a latte with tumeric almond milk and honey, and it was a really good combo of savory and sweet!

Walking around 12 South we stopped by the famous Nashville mural and grabbed photos by the cutest Draper James striped wall!  Draper James was such a fun store.  So southern and kinda preppy, which was so unlike anything in Southern California.  They offered you sweet tea when you walked in and the word “y’all” was all over the place in cute designs!  We all fell in love with their store, clothing, hospitality, and look!

There were two other adorable murals in the area too!  This fun flower one and these records!  The next stores we went into were White’s Mercantile and Imogene + Willie.  White’s Mercantile looks like an old gas station and it’s filled with local artisan goods, clothing, books, jewelry, and more!  Imogene + Willie are jean makers and their store was filled with beautiful denim. Outside the store was a little Nashville gem I had been dying to find: Amelia’s Flower Truck.

Amelia’s Flower Truck has two different trucks that stop at places around and in Nashville to sell flower bouquets! This truck was “Amy” and they also have “Rory”.  Jessie would have had the biggest smile on her face if she had been here with us.  Her first idea for Make-a-Wish was a VW Vanagon parked in our driveway and revamped as a place to hang out in!  Little Amy was a VW too and the fact that they were selling the prettiest blooms was definitely Jessie.

Before we left 12 South and headed to Franklin, we stopped into Five Daughters Bakery for cronuts + doughnuts.  There are famous cronuts in NYC and they make their own take on them here.  Some are filled and some are not, but no matter which option, they were so fluffy and light!  They also sell vegan and paleo doughnuts and I had to get one of each just to try!  The Mocha paleo doughnut was really good and we loved the huckleberry and maple cronuts!

Historic Franklin was dreamy.  One street lined with old buildings that house various shops!  We grabbed a quick snack at 55 South before walking around and popping into some of the stores.  I loved the cute paper boutique called Rock, Paper, Scissors!

After Franklin, we headed back to the hotel to change quickly before dinner and Keith Urban at the Bridgestone Arena!  Dinner was divine.  Adele’s was in the gulch, same neighborhood as Biscuit Love, and it was super unassuming from the front.  Inside was open and more industrial with a large patio!  I am soooo bummed that I didn’t get photos of the items we tried.  Our favorites were their Bruschetta, Cauliflower Salad, JW Chicken, Pork, and Risotto!  We had to leave for the concert before we could try any of their dessert, but the items we did try were light, incredibly flavorful, and all different!

Keith Urban was a gift to my momma for her 50th birthday in October (I’m working on the post for her surprise party).  Maren Morris and Brett Eldridge opened for him and were great, but he blew us out of the water!  I had seen Keith play once before but I forgot how much of an incredible entertainer and musician he was!!  At the end he even had Eric Church come out and play in his encore which was so cool!

Day one left us blown away with tired feet but we were more than excited to get day two underway!