I first fell in love with farmers markets last spring when I went to Seattle, WA with my mom and aunt to tour colleges in the area.  We walked to the Pikes Place market almost every day and I think that every time we went, something new would catch my eye.  So many vendors, so many glorious smells, so many people selling their specialties and loving what they have to present to you.  I think that’s what I love most about farmers markets…the different people selling you what they work so proudly for and what they love so intently.

When LSU baseball made it to the College World Series this year I was beyond excited.  I was so proud of Alex, the whole team, and what they have accomplished throughout the season!! It was great to see how greatly it all paid off and is still paying off!!!  But coming to Omaha, Nebraska wasn’t that exciting to be beyond the CWS.  To be honest I thought I would be pretty bored with my free time when the guys weren’t playing because I felt that there couldn’t be much to do in Nebraska.  I was very wrong though hahaha and I’m pleasantly surprised at how wrong I was!!!

I found a farmers market in an area of Omaha called the Old Market and as we walked to it from the hotel, I started noticing all the beautiful brick buildings along the way.  They were sandwiched with modern structures and some of the brick had more modern touches but it was so beautiful and so unique to anything you would find in Southern California where I have grown up.  I love the aesthetic of buildings (probably a reason as to why I’m going into interior design) and the ones here in Omaha definitely caught my attention.  Especially the buildings in the Old Market area around the farmers market – SO much beautiful brick, gently hugged by vines and flowers, supported by rod iron ladders and fences.  Breathtaking.

The farmers market itself was full of wondrously delicious gems: homemade sourdough bread, strawberry rhubarb jam, mixed berry jam, freshly picked sugar snap peas, pecan sticky rolls, warm apple fritters, a mini cherry pie, a mini strawberry rhubarb pie, wine bottle handmade cheese plates, and cold brew coffee.  PLUS MY FAVORITE FRESH BLOOMING PEONIES.  Like how amazing is all that?!?!?!?  LSU better be playing next weekend so I can go again because, wow.

Omaha, you’ve surprised me thus far and I cannot wait to uncover more of your secrets!