Hi everyone!!!  It’s been a loooooonnnnggggg time since I’ve written to you all and I miss it!  Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year!

My Christmas break has officially come to an end as I start classes today! Since school for me is starting back up I wanted to write about interior design and how school went for my first semester because I am doing something different than normal!!

I went through my certificate course (I’m officially a certified designer y’all! 🙂 ) and we had one big project, designing a one story apartment!  We created clients, picked where we wanted to apartment to be, and what style we would design in.  We had to solve problems in the home and stick to clearance limits we learned about.  We also pulled paint hues from a hat and had to use this color in our house as the “client’s favorite color”.

I got “Think Pink” by Dunn Edwards and so my client was Paige King, a determined 27 year old female working for L’Oréal Paris in NYC.  She recently purchased a million-dollar view apartment overlooking NYC because she was up so high and wanted me to come in and make it match the amazing view.  She wanted a modern contemporary style focused around her prized, high end art pieces! For the class we had to pick an inspiration piece to work around in the home and I found this amazing art piece to focus the whole home around!!

Inspiration Piece

The apartment was two bedroom and two bath with a large master on-suite and walk in closet – talk about a dream!  The client and I chose to make the spare room an office for her to work at home if need be and also have a sleeper sofa in case she had family in town.  It also ended up being one of the only places with a TV!

The large great room became a living room focused around her incredible million-dollar view of the NYC skyline and a dining room for entertaining guests for cocktails and appetizers.  The living room arrangement faced outward towards her balcony and view without anything obstructing what she paid all her money for!  We incorporated fun patterns and textures in the throw pillows and also in the sofa and lounge chair.  To add some life to her space there were three olive trees incorporated as well!

Here is the final floor plan and I’ve also included two photos of my final presentation boards!!

Blog - IDI boards

Until next time!