N         Y          C

For Sunday, our third day in the city, we started with brunch down in Chelsea! I love the Chelsea and Greenwich areas. They are so full of character and I love that they are so much more residential and unique compared to Midtown. There are also so many restaurant gems on each street is seems!!

Kimmy and I were lucky enough to get reservations at the Little Owl for our brunch. I found this cute place and it really was little! I think it was the bottom floor of a home. There were maybe 10 tables in all plus a 4-person bar!! I loved the way they hung snowflakes from their windows and it felt like you were eating at a window seat even though we weren’t because it was so snug in there. The beignets they made were my favorite of that meal. We also obsessed over their bacon. I think they fried their bacon to cook it because it had a completely different texture and taste than bacon just crisped up in a pan!! We couldn’t figure it out…and it was spectacular.

For the rest of our meal, we split chilaquiles and their kale and potato fritattini! They do their chilaquiles deconstructed so it was super easy to share and the fritattini were little bite sized frittatas! I loved them both and Kimmy loved the chilaquiles best.

On our way back from brunch, we stopped into the Chelsea Market and walked their halls to see all the Christmas décor! We got little bite-sized doughnuts from the Doughnuttery and you got to pick different flavor sugars to have them rolled in. We did glazed, cinnamon sugar, berry, and a lavender pistachio one!!

We took the Chelsea Highline to walk back from the Chelsea Market. After a quick stop into the hotel, we went over to see the Front Page play. I had never seen a play on Broadway before or a play in general. Whenever I think of Broadway I think of musicals and it was so fun to experience another side of Broadway. I loved this play. It took about ten minutes to get used to the commotion and how everyone is acting at once. Once I got settled into it and understood the storyline, I couldn’t stop laughing! I’m amazed at the talent these actors have. They have to memorize and know so many lines and be able to think quickly and improvise incase something changes so we all watching have no idea that anything is different! This play featured Nathan Lane and John Slattery as the main characters and the rest of the cast was very recognizable for me as well, which was cool to experience.

When we walked out of the play, it was SNOWING. It was a wet snow that didn’t stick on the ground but you could see it in the planters and it would sit on your jackets and scarves. I loved it. Visiting New York City in December has always been a bucket list item for me and experiencing snow in the city, in December, was the ultimate cherry on top!


We walked from the play to Columbus Circle and looked around the shops again. Then to waste some more time before dinner at Tavern on the Green, we found a hotel I had been dying to see called 1 Hotel Central Park and we also walked into the Plaza!

After that sight seeing, we made our way to Tavern on the Green and it was stunning all lit up for Christmas and lightly dusted with fresh snow!!! Kimmy and I both agree that the experience at Tavern on the Green way out does the food. We loved both of the sides we got but thought our meal could use a little more salt or seasoning.

After dinner, Kimmy started feeling sick and so we spent Monday in the hotel watching a few movies. We had Rockettes tickets for that evening and she had enough energy to go! The Rockettes are absolutely incredible. They are so talented – like amazing. I am in awe just thinking back to what they could do and how well they all stayed in sync. Their outfits were absolutely stunning as well.

My favorite part, besides how fun the entire show was, was that they ended with a nativity scene and the reading of the Christmas story. How cool is it that a large-scale production like that ends with the true meaning of Christmas and why we are all here to celebrate the season?!? I got the chills watching them perform this last piece and get them again just thinking about it.

We were supposed to leave Tuesday afternoon but since Kimmy was sick Monday, she felt so badly that we extended our stay anther day and left Wednesday bright and early in the morning! Tuesday we got to shop on 5th avenue and in Columbus Circle for Christmas gifts and enjoy not having plans or places to be.

We started with breakfast at Rustic Table, a small breakfast and lunch coffee spot in Hell’s Kitchen area. I got these amazing individual sized quiches and Kimmy grabbed a croissant. The quiches were so yummy and the crust on them was flaky and buttery goodness!

From breakfast, we walked to Columbus Circle, grabbed some apple cider, and shopped at the fun vendors for gifts! Kimmy found some hysterical socks for family members and I got candles and jewelry for a few friends!! The candles I got were from a company called Ebb & Flow and the jewelry was from Virginie Millefiori.

On 5th Avenue, we of course walked through each floor of Tiffany’s. Tiffany has and always will hold a special place in my heart. Yes they have incredible jewelry and diamonds, but there are special memories shared with Jessie inside Tiffany and I wear her Tiffany heart necklace around my neck each and everyday. I will always love blue boxes not just for the value and prestige and beauty, but because they make me smile and think of Jess.

After Tiffany, and their incredible window displays, we headed down and popped into a few other stores before grabbing coffee and a snack at Ralph’s Coffee. This place is my new favorite coffee spot.   Located on the second floor of Ralph Loren, this old fashioned café is tiny and adorable. Filled with white and accents of green, their windows twinkled perfectly with their green wreathes and garland. I got an almond milk latte (which BTW they make their own almond milk), and it was amazing. I got to sip it out of their cute coffee cup that came on a saucer too!!

The rest of the day shopping was a blast! I love getting to walk into all the high-end stores I would never walk into on any normal day. Their products are beautiful and the windows were all exquisite.

For our last dinner, Kimmy and I ate at Carmines. I love Carmines and we have some funny stories from last September when family and JRF staff all got to eat together there while prepping for JoyJam. Carmine’s was beautifully decorated for Christmas. We both loved how they wrapped the posts in their restaurant with twinkly garland. The place was filled with this incredible and fun Christmas spirit!!

I can’t wait to go back to this city. I think December trips to NYC are going to become annual things because it was too much fun and there are always more and more places to see and adventures to be had.