happy Friday everyone!!!

WOW has it been a whirlwind of a month! I can’t believe September will already be over after tomorrow. Last weekend I had the incredible opportunity to travel east and explore a new city while being apart of unbelievable moments for the foundation.

One of our All-Stars, Kelyn Rowe, plays professional soccer for the New England Revolution, and for the last three seasons, Kelyn has created something super special for our courageous kids on the east coast. Five or so games each season; Kelyn hosts a courageous kid at a Kelyn’s NEGU Crew game. The courageous kid has the amazing opportunity to be on the field before the game, meet the team, watch from box seats in Gillette Stadium, and then be back on the field after the game! They receive a special jersey and Kelyn spoils them with goodies and a night for them to feel like the insanely special kiddo they are.

I’ve always wanted to be apart of one of his NEGU Crew’s and see the magic for myself, and this past weekend, I finally had that chance! Kelyn’s team added a last minute NEGU Crew after hearing about Devin Suau, a local little boy who is currently fighting DIPG – the same cancer Jessie fought so hard against. Devin is 6 and the biggest New England Revolution fan. The team was going to sign Devin to the team Friday, and then him and his family would attend the game Saturday night for the NEGU Crew.

The thing with cancer though, is that it sucks. These kids fight so hard, giving it all they can and treatment is not easy. Devin’s family was in London earlier this summer for a special treatment and then came home to receive radiation and start different treatments. Devin started his radiation on Thursday, the day before all events were supposed to take place for him. My mom remembers from Jessie that those first few days of radiation are the hardest. The child’s body goes into shock trying to adjust to what is happening, and the treatment hit Devin hard. He didn’t feel well at all and so he wouldn’t be able to attend any of the weekend’s events himself. We were able to treat his three older brothers, two uncles, and father to an amazing NEGU Crew experience though!

Being a super sib myself, I know how hard treatment is on the sibling. It is hard to watch them go through treatment, it is hard to stay strong, and it is hard to lose any attention on you. I am so happy my mom and I got to be there for this NEGU Crew especially. Being able to give his family members time to be normal, to feel special, and to be encouraged was perfect.

If you want to follow Devin’s story, you can visit the following social media sites:

Facebook Page: #whynotDevin

Twitter: Why Not Devin DIPG

Besides the NEGU Crew, we were able to explore a little and had incredible food! These were some of the highlights!! I didn’t take a ton of photos of all our meals for once haha but the photos below are what I did have! If you are going to be in Boston in the near future, you need to try Trattoria Il Panino, Toro, Little Donkey, and Cultivar!! Also, our favorite coffee while there can be found at the Thinking Cup!