Nashville: downtown, germantown, sylvain park, midtown/vanderbilt

Here we are with day two (Saturday)!! Saturday had some incredible gems.  Pinewood Social stole my heart in the morning and dinner at Salt & Vine was by far the best meal we’d ever had. period.

Pinewood Social is this super neat place where they have a Crema coffee bar, lounge area for doing work, bar, restaurant (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner), outdoor patio with bocce ball and pool and an airstream bar, and then an old-school bowling alley!!

I loved their slogan: “Pinewood is a space that is based on the idea of creating a social gathering place that can accommodate your needs morning, noon and night. Think of us as a comfortable place to work with a cup of coffee in the morning or a casual lunch with a co-worker. Think of us as a place to meet friends for cocktails and dinner. Think of us as a place to play, whether that means bowling or playing bocce ball. Come hang out and enjoy all the different elements we have to offer at Pinewood, a place to meet.”

Talk about amazing and inviting! I could live there and spend all my hours doing new things they offer!  Saturday I had made brunch reservations and we weren’t planning on anything else but when we were seated next to the windows that overlooked the bowling alley, we immediately asked how it all worked!  We were put on a waiting list (I didn’t realize it was so popular and you needed reservations) and didn’t end up getting the opportunity to bowl Saturday but luckily there was an opening Sunday afternoon that we snagged up!

Brunch was sooooooo tasty.  I started with a Tennessee Pride Almond Milk Latte, which is the most unique latte I’ve ever had.  It was one of their specialties and it was maple, fennel, and a rosemary infused syrup topped with sage and a Bourbon sea salt!  Mom thought it was interesting and Kimmy kinda liked it but I adore this latte now.  For some reason the savory aspect of it really hit a love note with me.  I can’t handle the super sweet latte’s and this one with the savory, little sweet, and salt on top was incredible.

Enough about my coffee now hahah, for breakfast we started with their whipped mascarpone.  It was sourdough toast with mascarpone, pears, walnuts, and honey.  It was tart and sweet and delicious.  They were gone in an instant! I got an egg white frittata with butternut squash, onion, mushrooms, and spinach; momma got their broken yolk tacos (bacon, green pork chilis, avocado, and cheddar); Kimmy got their chicken and biscuits with gravy.  The frittata was incredible, soooo up my alley with the egg whites and squash and onion and mushroom.  The broken yolk tacos were awesomeeeeee.  SO much flavor and such a unique idea that I’d never seen.  The chicken and biscuits were good but nothing close to the ones we ate at Biscuit Love the previous morning.  Biscuit Love set the standard high for biscuits the rest of the weekend.

After brunch, we grabbed more coffee to go (this weekend ended up being full of coffee and food!) and headed to Germantown.  Germantown had a few shops I wanted to visit and they were all next to each other!!  Abednego was our favorite over there.  Super cute little shop with clothes, jewelry, shoes, candles, stationary!  All my type of things :).

Following Germantown we headed back to the main part downtown to see some of its sights.  Momma wanted to see and walk down Broadway, look at the Ryman, and I wanted to find this old school hat shop!  Broadway was insane.  It reminded me of the one time Kimmy, momma, and I walked through the French Quarter in NOLA near Mardi Gras.  So many people, the smell of stale beer, lined with bars.  The one neat thing was that all day long they had live music at each bar.  We didn’t step into a bar but you could hear all the live music as we walked down!

The Ryman was neat from the outside.  We didn’t purchase any tickets to walk through and I think it would be cool to watch a concert in there.  It was super busy and you can tell it’s definitely a tourist destination.

The little hat shop, Goorin Bros. Hat Shop, was awesome.  Totally neat with its decor and set up.  Tiny little place that sells handmade hats and they do hat boxes and everything!  I had never been inside a shop like it.  We ended up purchasing me a neat American-Made hat that is a really cool blue-grey.  I’m not a big hat wearer but this was so unique and special!

After the hat shop, we decided to drive to the Midtown/Vanderbilt area.  There were some cute shops in Midtown; I especially loved Kore + Nashville.  It was a cute giftshop with candles, jewelry, books, some clothing, stationary, lotions and makeup.  Super cute and intimate, but laid out in a fun way!  There was also a glasses shop and a clothing store we popped into that I hadn’t planned on!

For lunch, because by this time we had worked up an appetite again knowing that dinner would be a late one, we ate at a french restaurant called Le Sel right on the outskirts of Vanderbilt!  I had been dying to find this place because I had seen pictures of their pink, velvet, booths!!  The interior design of this restaurant totally fed my inner designer.  Adorable chairs, pink booths, awesome artwork, and even the bathrooms were even spot on.

Post lunch, we drove out to Sylvain Park.  Sylvain Park is where we were going to be grabbing dinner later but the one little store I wanted to go to, called Oak Nashville, wasn’t open very late so we had to stop by a little earlier!  This home store + gift shop was owned by the sweetest woman and her cute little black lab.  So many shops in Nashville either had shop dogs or had water bowls sitting right outside their doors.  Being big dog lovers, we all thought this was such a unique and special aspect of the city!  We never see this in socal and all thought that it would be so fun if dogs were in more of the shops around us!  The sweet dog in Oak Nashville just laid around and wanted her belly rubbed.  The store itself had the same home and gift stuff as the other stores, but it had different local artisans that she represented and even had her own line of candles!  We got some candles and other little gifts for Christmas!

To kill time before dinner, we headed to Green Hills.  Green Hills was mostly residential and the few shops I wanted to find were in an outdoor mall area with a Whole Foods, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, West Elm, Trader Joes, Paper Source, and a few other chains we all see.  My personal favorite in Green Hills was The Perfect Pair.  When I heard the name I thought it was going to be a shoe store but it turned out to be shoes, clothing, jewelry, and bags!!  Super cute woman who owned the store and the other girl working gave us recommendations for our Sunday in East Nashville!

What made this store my favorite was Winnie.  Winnie was an amazing woman from Chicago who designs jewelry and was there representing her jewelry.  One of her brass cuffs had ‘cancer sucks’ stamped onto it – something my momma, aunt, and I all firmly agree with.  My momma was looking at it to buy and Winnie told her she could have anything stamped onto her cuffs and that the ‘cancer sucks’ was just an example.  We ended up talking about how she lost her dad to cancer and we lost Jess.  My momma bought the cuff and Winnie stamped a J and heart into the side as a gift to remember Jess.  She was so sweet and all the ladies working were so hospitable.  I think that is one of my favorite things about travel – the people you can meet and the stories you hear!

Now lets get to dinner – Salt & Vine.  Salt & Vine was discovered by my momma and I because Carrie Underwood posted on her Instagram that she went there.  We new it must have been amazing if Carrie went and posted a picture holding the menu saying so.  It was a wine bar with tapas – perfect for trying and sharing!!  Every single item we tried knocked our socks off and by the end of a meal full of laughter, we were left speechless and amazed at how incredible the food truly was.

To start, we got their Sour Cream & Onion Chips and their Butternut Hummus.  The homemade chips were so light and crunchy and we all decided that they must lace their bread that’s served with the hummus with drugs because it was sooooooo stinkin’ good.  They brush it with an olive oil or something similar and grill it.  Its made fresh from a local bakery so its super soft and the char makes it warm and slightly chewy.

This bread also came with their yummy burrata dish (burrata + caramelized onion + tomatoes) and we quickly ordered more of it to eat with dinner!  Our dinner was their insanely tender and fall off the bone yummy chicken thighs and cute little beef sliders on more homemade buns (also brushed with yumminess and grilled)!  To finish off the night, we tried their oatmeal cookie and chai ice cream sandwiches and an olive oil cake with grapefruit and a citrus sauce!  My momma, the ultimate chocolate lover, was super bummed their chocolate pots de creme had sold out but the other deserts were super tasty!

After Nashville Day 2, we were ready to see what surprises and treats East Nashville and more of Downtown held!!

Check back soon for Day 3’s adventures!



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