Hello my people!!!

I know it’s been a little while since my last post on Jessie’s heaven day but since then I enjoyed simple and important time with family and then I came home and started school. Totally no excuse for not being present on here but it was time I needed to just relax and recharge before adjusting to a new schedule.

This post is going to be pretty lighthearted today! I want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who read my sister talk post to Jessie on January 5th and the outpouring of love that I felt that day. From close friends and family, to people who know us from following Jessie, every single person that reached out to my family and I or who commented on our posts made a huge difference in our life that day.

I’m constantly blown away by the greatness of God. The encouragement and love I received from so many people I haven’t met personally touched my heart in a way I will never be able to put into words successfully. I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU all day long and I am so sorry I am just now getting to it. If I wasn’t able to personally reply to your comments, it doesn’t mean they weren’t read. With every single word shared to me, I realized more and more the impact that Jessie made so quickly. Being in it and with Jessie during that time, I never saw how greatly her message spread. I was always amazed with the gifts and notes and cards she received and how many people wanted to help, but it didn’t really sink in. Then at her celebration of life service when the church was overflowing with people, I realized a little more how great her legacy was, but it still didn’t feel real in anyway because nothing seemed real.

I’ve been blown away day after day though since Jessie earner her angel wings. I am so proud to be known as Jessie’s big sister and to push for everyone to know her story. Having all of you – from all over the country and this world – reach out to us and encourage us like we are your own family was 100% God and 100% Jessie.

Now that I’ve laid out my heart and hopefully expressed my thanks to you all, let’s get into a little life update!

FIRST – I’m back in school! For those of you who don’t know this piece of me yet, I attend the Interior Designers Institute and am following my creative passions in interior design! I’m on track to get my BA in interior design in a little over a year or so and would love to get my masters after that too! I also take online classes and hope to get a BA in PR or business from California Baptist University.

SECOND – School comes with new schedules and new class times and I’m trying to adjust! This semester I’m taking my first night class and I’m hoping I can always stay awake and attentive during it hahaha J It’s a space planning class and the professor already seems amazing so I think I’ll be ok!

THIRD – New opportunities are all over and I’m so excited. I’ve got an incredible internship blooming with women I already adore and love and then I’m excited to be trying a fun summer coaching job too! They’ll both push me in new ways and teach me lots of new things about myself. I’ve got a feeling that God has even more planned for me this year and I hope I can see the opportunities He lays in front of me and follow them in the ways He knows is best for me.

FOURTH – The room updates here at the house are definitely underway! It’s so fun and exciting to do these on my own and for the family but I already know there are many areas I need to improve on. I haven’t had the best timeline set up and now we are kind of in a lull as I wait to pull product for JT’s room and finish trying to plan and organize what I need left for mine. We finished painting JT’s room yesterday and it already looks so good and updated! My room has all the bedding finished, new window draperies, and my custom chair is in! I’ve been reading in it every night before bed and the room is becoming the little slice of heaven I dreamed about and need. I will be sharing photos soon and am planning on a post for JT’s room once I get his boards all set in Photoshop.

FIFTH – Growing up is crazy! This week I get to make one important big-girl purchase for school and future business. It’s exciting and crazy to already be investing in and purchasing a computer for myself now and for my business in the future too! Definitely don’t like seeing savings dwindle down but I know I’m doing the best thing and getting something high quality that’ll last for years as I continue into design. I know there will be so many more things I have to learn and money-based decisions that’ll come up, but this is the biggest one I’ve made where I’ve had to think into the future it seems!

I’ll be back soon with more posts soon but for now, Have an AMAZING week everyone!